Andatech Soberpoint 3

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The Andatech SoberPoint 3 Breathalyser is an industrial grade wall mounted breathalyzer giving your business a tool to ensure OH&S regulations are complied with.

Now enabled with Wi-Fi connectivity and an inbuilt LCD screen, the Soberpoint 3 makes managing test records and checking device information from multiple units and multiple sites easy even when you're off-site.

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Manage multiple breathalysers conveniently

The Andatech Soberpoint 3 breathalyser makes managing multiple breathalysers in different locations more convenient for OH&S managers.

The units are easy to install - simply mount to the wall, plug in the power, and it's ready to use.

Using regular cylindrical straws for testing, it is easy and less costly to maintain.

Highly Accurate Readings
The Soberpoint 3 provides accurate BAC readings that are at par with law enforcement breathalysers.

It uses Andatech's own advanced FXCell3 fuel cell sensor, which provides readings within seconds.

Results are shown in 3 decimal places, up to 0.250%BAC at an exceptional accuracy range of +/- 0.005% at 0.100%BAC.

Check test records online
Information from your Soberpoint 3 unit(s) are automatically synced to our server via WIFI, including:

Test records such as time, date, and result of tests

Cancelled tests (i.e. test started but not finished)

Device status and diagnostics

Access information remotely

Once data is sent to our server,
it can be viewed by HR or OHS managers
on any computer or device
from a My Andatech account.

This includes data from multiple units on different sites.

Breathalyser management made simple

Whether you're managing one breathalyser or multiple breathalysers across different sites, the Soberpoint 3 makes it easy.
Here are just some other ways the Soberpoint 3 breathalyser can make managing onsite workplace alcohol testing easier not just for each department, but for your entire company.

Heavy duty, rugged design
The Soberpoint 3's durable build is suitable for heavy duty workplace use. Install at important entry points to test employees before they enter the site or before they drive out.

Takes unlimited tests between calibrations
No more worrying about how many tests it can do before calibration is required. Just calibrate every 6 months. Easy.

Multifunctional built-in LCD

Display instructions, notices, and announcements conveniently at important entry points where you have the Soberpoint 3. Simply transfer image slideshows and videos into a memory card or USB stick to plug into the Soberpoint 3. Plays audio, too.