Custom Design Computer Systems And Software

Date Posted: 23-09-2016 03:21 PM    Location: JB, Johor    Posted by: siti halimah    Views: 553 times
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We provide custom design computer systems and software for any type of management systems for any industries. All our systems are available online, offline, mobile app or any combination you require.

• Online / web based systems linking multiple locations and allowing access by the company owner from home or overseas

• Offline network based systems linking multiple users within the same building and accessible online only by the company owner from home or overseas
(Connecting several offline systems for different locations via an online connection is also available)

• Mobile app based systems running everything you need from within a single app or allowing access to / monitoring of general administration systems, warehousing systems, stock control systems and any other systems from the convenience of your phone, anytime and anywhere.

• General administration systems including security information, from clerical to managerial level

• Warehousing systems for single or multiple branches and locations

• Stock control systems for any amount of products, single or multiple branches and locations

• Sales, marketing and distribution systems

• Attendance systems (including holiday, sick and wages if needed)

• POS systems

• Shipping and delivery system, locally or internationally

• Customer service system

• Automated system / data sharing / data backup and security

• Design and upgrading websites for companies

• We can create the above systems individually or combined into a single system or app to meet your needs

*Any systems providers who have failed to / are having difficulties to complete an order, you are welcome to merge with / to sub the work to us (with a legal agreement)*

• Call / WhatsApp / SMS : Mr. Wilson 017-7172505 or Mrs. Siti 017-7023610