Patient Medical Record Translation Services in Malaysia – Lyric Labs

Date Posted: 14-01-2020 07:07 PM    Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur    Posted by: lyriclabs    Views: 559 times
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Lyric Labs has Professional Translators to cover major industry such as Medical. Developing communication for a non-English speaking audience is challenging and requires relevant translation Experience. Lyric Labs possess advanced knowledge of Medical Translation which covers all Government and private regulatory compliances. Medical Record Translation is one of the important services Lyric deals with. Patient Medical Record Translation is used for submission in any insurance company or to get medical advice from any country's specialized doctors or in any leading hospitals. Lyric Labs also provides other medical translation services such as Medical Devices, Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s), Pharma / Life Science, Medical Website/Software Localization, New Medical Product/License Documentation Translation. Lyric Labs is ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified. We can also recognise the responsibilities and limitations of the translator in the medical field and perceive and effectively address potential cultural misunderstandings and ethical dilemmas.

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