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Coraki Natural Body Bath

***Now Only @ RM 25 Per Bottle***

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Made from tea tree oil and natural lavender oil, Coraki Natural Body Bath is a “salt-free” moisturizing liquid soap. The fragrant body wash relieves bloating and calms the nerves.

Frequently Asked Question

How does Coraki Natural Body Bath benefit me?
Coraki Natural Body Bath removes bacteria, calms the skin and relieves stress. It provides excellent soothing effect for eczema and sensitive skin.

Who should use Coraki Natural Body Bath?
Coraki Natural Body Bath is suitable for everyone regardless of gender and age. Using Coraki Natural Body Bath every morning and night protects your skin from bacteria.

What are the benefits of a "salt-free" body bath?
"Salt-free" means free from sulfate. A sulfate-free body wash reduces sensitivity and is suitable for sensitive skin. It provides mild cleansing effect for the skin.