2018 CUBE HANZZ 190 HPA Race - 27.5 - USD815.80

Date Posted: 21-11-2020 12:49 PM    Location: Singapore, Singapore, Johor    Posted by: Ivan Tantoso    Views: 86 times
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Brand new for 2018, the Hanzz 190 Race is CUBE's affordable, capable and bomb-proof bike park playmate, slopestyle competitor and downhill racer. With a short geometry specifically designed to maximize the fun factor, it's a robust chassis that'll take whatever you throw at it. With a single crown 180 mm Suntour Durolux RC fork and Fox Van RC shock, it's got the kit you need to ride hard and fast. And, with a Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission, Magura MT5 brakes and Answer Attack EM wheels, you can shred safe in the knowledge that CUBE have selected components that won't let you down. Bring on the gnarl, because the Hanzz 190 Race is ready. Are you?

CUBE have got long experience in building strong, durable aluminium frames - and they put all that know-how into the Hanzz 190 Race. Starting with CUBE's High Performance Aluminium (HPA) tubes, they built them into a frame that's specifically designed to handle the harshest of riding conditions without flinching. Mechanically formed tubes allowed their engineering team to build in extra strength and rigidity where it's needed, while a threaded bottom bracket and external cable routing keeps things simple and easy to maintain. At the rear, the seatstays are specifically designed for the 180 mm fork and run down to a 157 mm width through axle. As with all CUBE frames, it's passed their stringent in-house torture testing with flying colors. You can rely on the Hanzz 190 Race - it's got your back.

Aluminium Lite - 6061 aluminium alloy requires a heat treatment for the finished product. It is a stiff, very corrosion resistant, fatigue resistant, high-elongation material suitable for light tubesets with high stiffness.
Advanced Mechanical Forming - With the Advanced Mechanical Forming technology CUBE can mechanically transform different frame tubes and thus optimize them without material-wearing welding work for the respective requirements. Along the obtained organic look, the production method is primarily motivated by functional reasons. Multiple converted tubes enable CUBE to manufacture lighter and also stiffer aluminum frames.
FSP4 Link - The key requirement is for continuously active and fully usable travel, with the rear triangle unaffected by pedalling or especially braking forces. There are a number of ways of achieving this CUBE favours a four bar design with a chainstay pivot. Here, one of the pivots is located between the dropout and the chainstay, ensuring that braking does not have a negative effect on the movement of the rear wheel. By carefully positioning the remaining pivots, they obtain the finest riding qualities for their full suspension bikes both uphill and downhill.
Integrated Post Mount - The post mount rear brake system is found on all carbon fiber frames and top aluminum full suspension models. Two bolts and the IS adapter aren't needed anymore, and fewer parts means less weight. In this case CUBE save 30 grams. This may not sound a lot. But there's potential to save weight in every detail.
Adaptable X12 Hanger - CUBE optimized their new dropout design based on the Syntace X12 through-axle system, enlarging the area of the frame where the hanger is mounted. CUBE can now fit the longer Direct Mount hangers. Shifting precision and stiffness is therefore improved. With the new design it's also possible to swap the whole contact area of the axle with the hanger should the system be worn out.
Wet Paint Surface - On polished, brushed aluminium and all HPC frames, the logos and graphics are applied in multi-layer wet paint. CUBE use this surface treatment technology mainly to save weight.