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ABOUT MASTER FJ @ He is an alternative medicine practitioner with extensive expertise in Traditional Chinese Medicine and western chiropractic/physiotherapy methodology. Master FJ has been practising alternative therapy for more than 10 years and his patients come from all walks of life, from Police, Nurse, Driver to CEO, VIP, Royalties, and Celebrities.
He is constantly engaged by FORTUNE 500 companies to improve employees' occupational health.
AcuHealing and Master FJ has more than 1,000,000 followers on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Google Pages. As of to date, AcuHealing has one of the highest number of followers under the category of Traditional Alternative Therapy in South East Asia.
AcuHealing is located in major cities in Malaysia. As for now, AcuHealing already have 6 branches in Malaysia, and making inroads into Singapore and Indonesia.
Master FJ and AcuHealing is easily available online and social media. Anyone can CALL or Whatsapp to AcuHealing at +6016–311 1301 for more information.
FaceBook: @AcuHealingMy
Instagram: @AcuHealingMy
Twitter : AcuHealingMy
Google Page: AcuHealing