ALPHA Gold and Metal Detector

Date Posted: 23-10-2021 03:00 PM    Location: kansas, WP Kuala Lumpur    Posted by: AJAX DETECTOR    Views: 325 times
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ALPHA Gold and Metal Detector

ALPHA device with remote sensing technology and two long range systems to explore and detect Gold, Treasures and other metals.
ALPHA gives accurate results in goal detection from long distances reaches to 2850 meters, and high depths reaches to 50 meters underground

This device has two detection systems:

1. Long-range detection system (Manual)
2. Long-range detection system (Automatic)

Targets : Gold, Gold Nuggets, silver, copper, bronze, iron, tin, lead, aluminum, meteor, diamond, emerald, cavity.

Frequency detection : From 500 Hz up to 20 kHz, with dual-wave and transmitted frequency (DCS) frequency verification systems.

Ground Balance :Automatic
And the device has TFT colorful screen with 800 x 480WVGA size, 16-bit color depth.