Door to door shipping service from Guangzhou to Batam - RM10.00

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Dear Batam friends,
Do you need sea transportation from China to Batam with the best service and most realistic price?
Please choose us!
Our shipping: Container loading every Monday and Friday, about 18 days to deliver to your hand, as long as your goods arrive, we will be the fashion cabinet, no delay.
Our sea delivery service in Batam, Indonesia is first class, a colleague will call you the day before the delivery to schedule a delivery time. All you have to do is wait at the specified time.

The following is our shipping prices, follow our official account (search official number: OSL-EXPRESS) or on our website can also find the prices. Our company's public number has the ability to check the price, after paying attention, once you have a package arrived at our warehouse, you will receive the first notice, you can also see the picture of the goods, the first time to grasp the package dynamics.

Our shipping price is: 1050RMB/CBM (the minimum charge for one CBM)
There will be no additional charges and please remember that we only charge door-to-door shipping.

At the same time, we also focus on the transfer service of Taobao goods, we have a special staff responsible for registering each of your packages, storing, sorting, we wait until your packages arrive, and then arrange transportation. For small goods, we provide free carton packing by air and sea to ensure that your goods are not easily damaged during transportation.If you see goods that are easily damaged, we will advise you to make wooden frames. We will tell you when we find damaged goods at the time of receipt or before delivery, you can contact the seller in time, return, exchange or refund.

We have an Indonesian bank account, we can help the customer pay for the goods. The customer only needs to transfer the money to our Indonesian bank account. After we receive the money, we can transfer it to your seller or pay it to your Taobao 1688 seller.
We can also buy goods for you on or, only 3% of the purchase fee, the minimum is: 35RMB.

We offer a variety of payment methods:
1)It can be remitted to our Bank of China account or transferred to Alipay account through Western Union Remittance, Hanson Remittance, Changcheng Remittance, etc.
2)Remittance to the Indonesian account, the bank charge from Indonesia to China will continue to be at the current exchange rate. (Exchange rates are subject to updates on our website)
You can contact us via whatsapp, Wechat, QQ,email, etc. We will reply you as soon as possible. Please provide your email address to us, and we will send you a document and operation procedure.

Annie zou
MOB: 0086-19120089003
Email:[email protected]