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Date Posted: 26-09-2021 06:50 AM    Location: Mexico, Tijuana, Johor    Posted by: Scraps Industries Inc- PET bottle in bale seller    Views: 1016 times
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Plastic PET bottle scrap made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET, sometimes PETE) can be purchased at our premises, as we are the leader when it comes to plastic scrap materials. Ever since our establishment in 1993, we have kept our all customer’s demands merited with best of quality demand supplied. Furthermore, we are Scraps Industries Inc and we are proud to say that we have served the industry over 27 years. We serve recyclers as well as trader, so, are you a trader or recycler? And then you are welcome to our company. We have a qualified staff that attends to customer’s needs and make you feel at home. We have tribute numerously towards environment, keeping our environment clear and also to help handbill reduce pollution. PET bottle scrap comes to be our main product since it can be regrind and could be used in production of variety type of materials we use in real world. What should I say, if not Thank You to scientist who obtained the ideal of recycling of previous used things? Today, we save money in recycling, we serve energy, and it reduce landfills. Most importantly, we are thrilled to have formed what we call ‘’ Waste’’ into new raw material that can use in various field in the industry today.

Talking about the PET bottle, variety types of scrap material can be avail at our premises; since we made it easier for our customer’s demands to be fulfilled without a mile out of our plants/factories. When it comes too geographically, we deliver national and ship international. That’s Mexican states and around the globe. Herein, would narrate the PET plastic bottle scrap sources. Firstly, we have built a long terms business relationship with thousands of local provider and we collect directly from provide, to our warehouse and then we sell to customers across the globe. Moreover, we seek to expand our business with new potential buyers. Are you in search of any plastics scrap material or other scraps like ferrous and nonferrous and then why not reach out to us along with your requirement as we look forward in expand our business with new buyers of PET bottle scrap. Kindly check below and contact us along with your requirements, so we may have the opportunity to cooperate with your esteem company:Mail- sales(AT)ivorypharinc. com| Web- ivorypharinc. com