Full Range of Biospecimen Matrices l Order Online

Date Posted: 23-01-2024 02:11 AM    Location: Neuendorfstrasse 17, 16761 Hennigsdorf, Germany, Hennigsdorf, Perak    Posted by: Central BioHub GmbH    Views: 163 times
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Discover the extensive collection of human biospecimens available for research and development at Central BioHub. Our inventory includes over 800,000 high-quality biospecimens from healthy and disease-state donors, maintained in excellent condition with related clinical data profiles. We offer diverse biospecimens such as human serum, plasma, whole blood, CSF, urine, saliva, and DNA/RNA. All our samples are carefully screened and hyper-annotated with comprehensive laboratory values, detailed diagnosis and clinical data profiles, and donor demographic information, including age, gender, ethnicity, BMI, and more. Explore our vast selection of biospecimens for your next research project now. Order your biospecimens directly from our website or download the Central BioHub app today.