he dunk counter in NBA 2K22 is a brand new feature in the game - RM3.00

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According to the console you're using, holding down your square-shaped button on PS5 or the X for Xbox users while holding the RT or R2 trigger, respectively, will let your player attempt the dunk. Alternatively, you can also point the right stick towards the hoop, while holding the R2 or RT trigger to go for a dunk should you prefer that.

The dunk counter in NBA 2K22 is a brand new feature in the game. This is similar to the shot meter in that you must time your layup or dunk into the green box that a player is in. Timing is vital for dunks in NBA 2K22 because every finish requires the shot meter regardless of whether it's a layup, dunk or alley-oop.

Green box size can vary. The higher the dunk rating and positioning of a player will give them a greater chance of being successful in the move. If an opponent is defending the paint, it'll likely result in a more difficult to complete. Particularties and characteristics like Lob City Finisher and Fearless Finisher can give players a advantage when trying to finish their dunks near the edge.

The dunk's rating and requirements will be based on the height and attributes collection of the participant. A player should have at the very least an 84 inches driving dunk, and 70 or greater in vertical ratings to finish a professional contact dunk alley-oop. Also, they must have at minimum a 92-degree standing dunk, and 80 or higher within their vertical ratings to get elite dunks, including poster dunks as well as 360-degree jams.

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