Help: How to edit your listing?

  1. Login
  2. Go to your listing and click Update This Listing or My Company on top right of the page.
  3. You should see this page
  4. Click on Edit button to edit the company information, services, brand, payment, etc
  5. Click Addresses tab to edit the address
  6. Click Categories tab to edit the category
  7. Click Web Pages tab to edit the web page
  8. Click Edit on one of the page listed to edit
  9. Click on Manage Images to upload or delete images
  10. Upload your images
  11. Go to edit page and click add image icon. Choose it from image list.
  12. The image has been added to the content.
  13. Edit the image appearance by select the image and click again on insert image icon.
  14. The content should looks like this
  15. You can view the changes in the live environment
  16. To create new page, click on New Page button and choose Normal page type
  17. Once created, you can add the content to the page. Set the title and menu name.
  18. New page has been created
  19. View it in live environment
  20. Add standalone page. This page won't appear in navigation menu.
  21. Go to the other page and create a link to this page.
  22. View the changes in live page
  23. New standalone page has been created
Important Tips:

You may paste content from other websites or from Word document. It's highly recommended that you use Paste as Plain Text/Paste from Word function in the editor to make sure that your content is display correctly in the web. Even though the editor is similar to Word editor, web format is totally different. Only certain features support by the web. Paste the content as plain text and edit in the editor is the best solution.

Other helpful function is Remove formating. Remove format

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