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Blizzard has its own reminder for Diablo 4 players: the Ashava trophy mount was exclusive to the May beta and you can't get it anymore.

Diablo 4 error codes are a problem that has been seen a number of times following the launch of this epic action RPG, with players flocking to Sanctuary in their hundreds of thousands and pushing the servers to breaking point. If you've seen error code 300202 or 30008 then you're not alone, as it means the service is under heavy strain and can't accommodate all requests to log in at once. A recent DDOS attack on Diablo 4 and other Blizzard games caused widespread disruption, and although that looks to be resolved now there is planned maintenance from 9am to 2pm PDT (4pm to 9pm UTC) on Monday June 26 and from 9:30am to 2pm PDT (4:30pm to 9pm UTC) on Tuesday June 27, which may result in service interruptions and disconnections, though you should be able to log straight back in again if it happens to you.

Naturally, there are a few other error codes in Diablo 4 that some of you are beginning to experience as you spend longer with the game. Below, you'll find every error code that has been reported so far, along with some advice for each of them which can help you get back into Diablo 4, so that you can continue battling the Prime Evils!

What's key to understand is that Diablo 4 error codes are likely to be an uncommon occurrence, but owing to the fact that the game is entirely server-based and needs constant access to the internet in order to maintain the game world, there's always a risk that large traffic spikes or other issues could push the always-online game's servers beyond their limit. So with that in mind, keep scrolling to find information on how you can fix error codes in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 error code 300202
The Diablo 4 error code 300202 appears when the servers are going through particularly busy periods – it's likely you'll see this around the launch of any updates or expansions to the game. If you're spotting this error you'll need to either rejoin the queue to enter Sanctuary, or close the game entirely before attempting to log back in.

Diablo 4 error code 30008
Diablo 4 error code 30008 is a "request timeout error" and directly corresponds to how busy the servers are. If you're encountering this error, it's typically met with you being locked out of the game and pushed back to the start menu. If you're experiencing this, you'll want to shut down the game and try reloading it – and if you're playing on PC, it wouldn't hurt to reload Battle.Net as well. You should be able to log back in once you reboot the game.
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