Injection Andropen 275mg/ml Finished Steroids for bodybuilding Test blend liquid - RM6.00

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Product Name:Andropen 275
Other name:Andropen
Appearance:Light yellow liquid
Active Ingredient:Testosterone acetate,Testosterone decanoate,Testosterone propionate,Testosterone phenylpropionate,Testosterone cypionate
Solvents and other ingredients:BA,BB carrier oil GSO(MCT , Sesame oil or Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides )
Min Order of Steroids Powder---10gram
Min Order of Finished Steroids ---100ml
Payment:Bitcoin,Moneygram and Wester Union
Lead time:24hours after received payment
Safe shipping to US and most of Europe country

Bodybuilding Finished steroids Andropen 275mg/ml for sale
Andropen 275mg/ml detaisl
Testosterone acetate 20mg/ml
Testosterone decanoate 90mg/ml
Testosterone propionate 45mg/ml
Testosterone phenylpropionate 45mg/ml
Testosterone cypionate 75mg/ml

Finished steroids Andropen 275 Receipts
Recipe/Formula of Andropen 275 mg /1000ml
Steroid Powder: Testosterone acetate 20g,Testosterone decanoate 90g, Testosterone propionate 45g, Testosterone phenylpropionate 45g, Testosterone cypionate 75g.
Solvents:BA: 20ml ; BB:200ml ;
Then adequate GSO to make total volume of solution at 1000 ml
GSO could be replaced by MCT , Sesame oil or Decanoyl/octanoyl-glycerides as solvent. we can also make the gear with part of ethyl oleate in if you would like. which means the color of final liquid can be some lighter or darker .