L-carn 3g

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Per Box of 10 ampoules of L-Carnitine 3gm / 5ml

- 1-2 ampoules IV per injection every 2 days for the management of weight control.
- 1-2 ampoules per subcutaneous for the management of fats under the skin.
- 10 ampoules in divided doses over the period of 30 days for anti aging and health management.

The dosing of even 4gm per day have shown to have no side effects and is very safe. Patients may experience some light gastrointestinal disturbances and therefore some food may be taken prior to the commencement of L-Carnitine injection.

L-carnitine is an amino acid synthesized from essential amino acids, tysine and methionline in the kidneys and livers.

It’s main function is to transport ‘long chain fatty acids’ such as glucose, fats, carbohydrates and proteins, especially from the inter membrane space of the carbohydrates and fats storage areas essentially accumulated from the food we eat and converts it into energy.

In the mitochondria is where fats and carbohydrates is being converted into energy via a process called ‘beta oxidation’ with the help of L-Carnitine which is also responsible for improving oxygen utilization and energy production by the heart muscle. Thus, L-Carnitine the transporter of fat is needed as well for the removal of products waste or toxins produced from the mitochondria during energy production, enables them to be eliminated from the body