Mixing White Bio X

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Mixing White Regeneration BIO X2 Whitening Antioxidant, DNA Regeneration, Sun Block with Glisodin SOD.
Innovation from SwissMed Switzerland, has successfully engineered an advanced system for skin DNA generation, enhancing elasticity of the skin, smoothen and moisturizes, reverse aging, enhances harmful UV defend due to its unique properties.
SwissMed of Switzerland continues to bring innovations and launching of new products in the world of beauty with multiple skin rejuvenation therapy.

Manufacturer: SwissMed
Origin: Switzerland
• Accelerate whitening of the skin
• Reduces dark spot with enhanced UV protection
• Rapid Whiten and Brighten skin tonePromotes skin rejuvenation
• DNA regeneration produces collagen to firm and moisturizes skin
• Powerful anti-oxidant with anti-aging properties for youthful looking skin

DNA Nano Glutathione 10,000,000 mg
Gamma-Tocopheral, Cholecalciferol,
Ascorbic Acid, Calcium, Zinc
Selenium, Genistin, Enzyme Complex 150,000 mg
Glisodin SOD 250,000 mg
Collagen Peptide
DNA Repair Genetic 10,000 mg
M-Tranexamic Acid 30,000 mg
Coenzyme Q10 50,000 mg
Cobalamin 15,000 mg

7 Sets per box (7 amps and 7 vials)