Oommi Probiotics Foam Hand Wash - 250ml - RM28.00

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WHY USE OOMMI PROBIOTICS FOAM HAND WASH?The OOMMI Probiotics is a powerful blend of beneficial microbes which are cultured using an advanced Japanese Technology.

OOMMI Probiotics Foam Hand Wash provides millions of good bacteria to clean your hands, keeping you protected from toxins while removing oils, dirt and impurities. At the same time, your hands will be recolonised with good bacteria, keeping them cleaner and smelling amazing for longer.

How it works?

* kill Germs & Bad Bacteria* Remove Biofilm & Odour* Prevents dry & itchy skin

* Suitable For Sensitive skin

How to use?Apply 1-2 pumps foaming soap onto your hand. Thoroughly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds between fingers, and under nails and rinse with water.

Storage & Life Span

Store OOMMI Probiotic Foam Hand Wash at room temperature and use within 3 months for optimal effectiveness.


Probiotics, Filtered Water, Glycerin(food Grade), Organic Apple Scent, and Natural Foam Booster.

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