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Sarms GW0742
Purity:99% HPLC
Packing:10g,100g,500g and 1kg
Min Order: Powder---10gram
Payment:Bitcoin,Moneygram and Wester Union
Lead time:24hours after received payment
Safe shipping to US and most of Europe country

Product Name: GW0742
Appearance: White powder
Purity: 99.% min
Package: 10g/bag or as customers’request.
Test Method: HPLC

When you see below two 2D molecular structure,you must have concerns:
What are they?
What’s the relationship between them?

When we firstly the 2D molecular structure of them,we should think they are the same.
If we identify them carefully, we can find the difference between 2D molecular structures is the one F atom.
The 2D molecular structure in left without F atom belongs to GW501516,with MF:C21H18F3NO3S2.
The 2D molecular structure in right with a F atom belongs to GW0742,with MF: C21H17F4NO3S2.
Based on the 2D molecular structure above, we could thought that GW0742 and GW501516 have similar effects. In fact, GW0742 and GW501516 are also PPAR agonists.

So, one f-Atom difference,makes what appearances to these two products?
First of all, GW501516 is a relatively mature product. It has been more than 30 years since its initial discovery, while GW0742 is a new product that is still in the research stage. Replacing an H Atom with an F Atom makes GW0742 a new product and a new patent that extends the GW501516 patent, bringing about corresponding economic benefits and providing a new choice for the corresponding users.
Second, replacing an H atom with an F atom improves the bioavailability and potency of the drug.
A few years ago, chemists discovered that strategically replacing weaker C-H bonds with stronger C-F bonds alleviates or eliminates structural weaknesses in drug molecules, significantly improving their metabolic stability.
Although H atom and F Atom are obviously different in some respects, they are comparable in size, so substituting F Atom for H Atom can generally be considered to have little effect on bond (drug) structure.
More importantly, due to the different electronic properties of H and F, strategic placement of F Atom can establish additional interactions with its target, thereby increasing the desired activity.
Moreover, substituting F into a drug molecule could alter its properties, increasing its bioavailability and making it more easily absorbed by the body.

Meanwhile, we know that the length of the CH chain affects the half-life of the molecule. GW0742 replaces the C-H bond with the C-F bond, which has many corresponding advantages. However, as the C-H bond is replaced, the length of the CH chain of GW0742 becomes shorter, which makes the half-life of GW0742 shorter than that of GW501516.
GW0742 works in much the same way as GW501516, but the C-H bond is replaced by the C-F bond, making GW0742 more effective than GW501516 in some areas. Such as:
GW0742 reverses the flow of cholesterol into the bloodstream, effectively lowering cholesterol levels in the body.
GW0742 improves the body’s lipid metabolism in very small doses, allowing it to better process the body’s lipids.
GW0742 can help reduce inflammation in the gut by reducing swelling, resulting in significant relief for patients.
GW0742 has the same effect as GW501516 in activating AMP activated protein kinase, glucose uptake and fatty acid oxidation in skeletal muscle.
Therefore, GW0742 has a higher bioavailability and potency, a shorter half-life and a higher price. GW501516 is more mature, has a longer half-life and is more convenient to use. We can choose to buy GW0742 or GW501516 according to our concern.