Marigold Peel Fresh - Juices

Marigold Peel Fresh - Juices
Price Range: RM4.49 - RM6.49
MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added is the ideal juice for health conscious consumers. It satisfies more than half of the Recommended Dadily Allowance of VItamins A, C & E. It's also pasteurised to preserve the integrity of the pure juice squeezed inside and chock full of other nutritional ingredients such as antioxidants and protein. Available in Orange, Apple, Mixed Wheatgrass Veggie, Mixed Apple Cranberry and Mixed Fruit Mangosteen all of which have mass appeal. MARIGOLD PEEL FRESH No Sugar Added comes in attractive, lightweight Tetra Top carton bottles. Both the 250ml and 1 litre packs are equipped with a screw cap for easy opening, re-capping and pouring. It also makes drinking more convenient and enjoyable. These ergonomic packs are both functional and environmentally friendly as they are largely made of recyclable paper fibre.
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Price (RM)6.390.000.000.00
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1.Carrefour22/05/200903/06/2009Weight: 1.89ltr6.49
2.Carrefour27/02/200911/03/2009Weight: 1ltr4.49


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