NESLAC 3+ Plain - Baby Food & Snacks

NESLAC 3+ Plain - Baby Food & Snacks
Price Range: RM29.99 - RM56.99
All the essential nutrients NESLAC is formulated to help your child reach his full potential. That’s why NESLAC contains the right balance of nutrients including DHA, Protein, Calcium, Iron, essential Vitamins and vital Minerals in quantities appropriate for your child’s developmental needs. While DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) is an Omega-3 fatty acid found abundantly in the brain, Protein helps build body tissues. Iron is added for red blood cell formation plus Calcium for the development of strong bones and teeth. And more.. BL BIFIDUS BIFIDUS is a type of friendly and beneficial bacteria found in the intestinal tract. A good intestinal environment enables your child to obtain all the goodness from food for growth & development. NESLAC contains BL BIFIDUS to help improve your child’s intestinal environment so that your child gets all the nutrition he needs. Give your child NESLAC with BL BIFIDUS today to help lay a strong foundation for his development.
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