Nespray 1+ - Baby Milk & Drinks

Nespray 1+ - Baby Milk & Drinks
Price Range: RM13.38 - RM27.99
For a balanced start At the tender age of one, your child needs a balanced intake of nutrition. His appetite may be small, but the quality of his diet must be ensured so that he can grow wholesomely. For a start, NESPRAY 1+ contains at least 50% more DHA than most brands (as declared on product labels). DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid found abundantly in the brain. On the other hand, Prebio 1 is Nestlé’s natural blend of fibres, and prebiotics will help his tummy absorb nutrients from his food. All these and other nutrients such as EFA, Iron, Calcium and Protein will also help your precious one start his journey in the best way possible.
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Price (RM)18.9516.990.000.00
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1.Carrefour17/07/200929/07/2009Weight: 1g14.95
2.Carrefour08/05/200920/05/2009Weight: 1kg18.99
3.Carrefour08/05/200920/05/2009Weight: 1kg18.99
4.Carrefour26/12/200804/01/2009Weight: 600g13.38
5.Tesco12/06/200825/06/2008Weight: 1200g24.99
6.Tesco08/05/200821/05/2008Weight: 1200g24.99
7.Carrefour14/05/200822/05/2008Weight: 1200g27.99


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