Nespray 3+ - Milk

Nespray 3+ - Milk
Price Range: RM13.38 - RM27.99
Guiding him through his most important years As your child continues to grow, so will his desire to learn and explore. A diet that encourages healthy brain development is crucial to increase his ability in understanding the world around him. Ingredients in NESPRAY 3+ will help him as he goes on a journey of curiosity. Compared to most brands, NESPRAY 3+ contains at least 50% more DHA (as declared on product labels), an omega-3 fatty acid found abundantly in the brain. For the absorption of nutrients from his diet, prebiotics are important too. Prebio 3, found in each cup of NESPRAY 3+, is Nestlé’s natural blend of fibres. But that’s not all. Calcium helps the formation of strong teeth and bones. Iron assists in the formation of red blood cells and Protein is important for growth and development. All these ingredients are found in the yummy blend of NESPRAY 3+, preparing him to be all he can be.
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