Nestle Coffeemate - Creamers

Nestle Coffeemate - Creamers
Price Range: RM2.48 - RM5.45
COFFEEMATE is the No. 1 powdered creamer brand in Malaysia. Manufactured with the assurance of Nestlé’s 100-year heritage of milk expertise and trusted by generations of Malaysians, its new improved formula is now even richer and creamier. COFFEEMATE comes in 2 types of packs; an economic pouch pack for more savings and a new convenient stick pack. For the perfect cup of NESCAFÉ, add some COFFEEMATE for that rich and creamy taste.
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Price Update

ShopCarrefourTescoGiantThe Store
Price (RM)4.694.990.000.00
Date22/05/2009 - 03/06/200926/03/2010 - 31/03/2010 - -
NotesFree extra 50g

Price History / Other Shoppings

NoShopStart DateExpiry DateWeight/Size/UnitsPrice (RM)
1.Carrefour01/05/200903/05/2009Weight: 450g4.39
2.Carrefour24/04/200906/05/2009Weight: 450g4.65
3.Carrefour26/12/200804/01/2009Weight: 200g2.48
4.Carrefour14/11/200826/11/2008Weight: 450g4.99
5.Carrefour20/06/200809/07/2008Weight: 450g4.45
6.Carrefour14/05/200822/05/2008Weight: 450g4.49
7.Econsave01/05/200813/05/2008Weight: 500g, Units: 15.45


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