Tiletamine hydrochloride CAS:14176-50-2 - RM20.00

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The mechanisms of action of teletamine hydrochloride and Zolazepam hydrochloride are complementary. Teletamine is a separate anesthetic that has a pharmacological effect similar to ketamine; Is zolazepam benzodiazepine? A sedative hypnotic, similar in pharmacological action to Diazepam, with antianxiety, sedative, anticonvulsive and muscle relaxation effects. Zolazepam can enhance the inhibitory effect of teletamine on the central nervous system, prevent convulsions caused by teletamine, enhance muscle relaxation, and shorten the time to recovery from anesthesia. This product can quickly relax muscles, cause superficial pain and visceral pain disappear, and does not cause respiratory center depression. It has sedative, analgesic and anesthetic effects.