Transform Your F&B Space with Expert Renovation Services by I-Dzine in Singapore

Date Posted: 12-09-2023 12:10 PM    Location: Johor Bahru, Johor    Posted by: Issac    Views: 234 times
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Is your property undergoing a stressful renovation process that feels like therapy, slow and demanding, leaving you drained from overseeing vendors, designers, and craftsmen?

Consider I-Dzine, your solution in Interior Design. As the renovation arm of Wiz Interior and Consultoctad, our company has successfully managed regional property renovation projects. Our expertise in renovation design, meticulous oversight, and project management ensures your property's transformation. We are dedicated to delivering beautifully designed, functional spaces.

I-Dzine, a versatile Singapore-based design firm, boasts over a decade of experience in Interior Design. Our knowledge extends to Graphics Design, Product Design, Exhibition Design, Branding, and F&B Consultation.